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Monk Fruit makes everything sweet, without adding sugar, carbs or calories.

Monk Fruit makes everything sweet, without adding sugar, carbs or calories.

Hot Coffee


Naturally sweeten coffee, tea, lemonade and any other beverage

of choice

Granola Yogurt


Sweeten your favorite healthy plain yogurt to your taste.

Bread and Salad


Monk Fruit is great for enhancing your own homemade dressings.



Replace sugar with Monk Fruit to create a tasty and nutritious breakfast.

Tasty Smoothie


Monk Fruit is a great addition to your favorite smoothie ingredients.

Pure Monk Fruit
Pure Monk Fruit is a great choice for anyone looking to reduce or eliminate sugar from their diet. With zero sugar, zero carbs and zero calories, it will not raise blood sugar levels. It also will not cause digestive issues as it has no Erythritol.

Uses: Sweeten coffee, tea, lemonade, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, salad dressings, sauces, frostings, whipping cream, cinnamon toast - just about anything you would add sugar to.

Pure Monk Fruit is a fantastic choice for:
  - Replacing the sugar consumed by children
  - Adults with diabetes, gout or heart disease who wish to reduce or eliminate their sugar intake
  - Anyone looking to improve their health by avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners

                                    Contains no additives, such as alcohol, water or glycerin.
Pure Monk Fruit
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